Too often we believe we’re not creative so we close ourselves off to various forms of artistic expression. Creating Space exists to provide a gentle nudge towards engaging in new creative avenues in our lives. In our beautiful space, we connect local artists with participants looking for new opportunities for creative and self expression. Through these experiences, we learn to listen, play, and enjoy life, while setting our creative selves free. Come create with us, you may just find a new song your heart has been waiting to sing.

Creating Space is an open venue for creative expression that promotes healing and mindfulness in a restful environment.

At Creating Space, participants will:

  • Engage in vibrant creative experiences through workshops taught by dynamic local creative writers, visual artists, performing artists, musicians, textiles artists and photographers.
  • Enter a safe place to reverse feelings of creative inadequacy and quiet the inner dialogue which often assumes: I’m not creative or I’m not a real artist.
  • Slow down the hectic pace of life in order to listen to our lives through creative reflection and mindfulness practice.
  • Explore new creative avenues that lead to deeper self knowledge and expression.
  • Engage in gatherings and events that encourage all to freely pursue their creativity. 
  • Learn to live freely within creative expression which brings personal growth and healing.

Creating Space engages with the broader creative community in Bennington through the following.

We will:

  • Provide relevant workshops and events to encourage local artists and their businesses.
  • Provide space for local artists to lead workshops of various kinds in order to grow their businesses.
  • Inspire increased collaboration and community among local artists in the Bennington area.
  • Connect with the Bennington Area Arts Council and other local arts organizations. 

For details about our location and how to use our beautiful space, click here.

Creating Space is located in Bennington, Vermont, and directed by Michelle Wiegers.

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